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beatbox australia is an organisation that is dedicated to exposing the niche that is the artform of beatboxing in australia and providing opportunities to both amateur and professional beatboxers all over australia. numerous events take place within the year throughout the entire country where beatboxers come together for the chance to not only express their talent in front of a roaring crowd but to meet and make friendships with like minded people. creating the australian beatbox scene that exists today! 


"Since becoming part of the Beatbox Australia team, I have been able to feel much more involved with the beatbox community in which I love with true passion. I have been beatboxing for 3 years and I am currently 14 years old. Beatbox Australia has truly Helped me set out goals and reach the greater heights that I’m still consistently reaching to this day!"

- Sativik "RENAGZY" Sharma

One Of Top 8 Beatboxers In Australia! 

2017 Melbourne Beatbox Champion!

Our youngest "Beatbox Australia" Team Member!

Youngest Beatboxer in Australia to EVER win a title!

over the years we’ve worked vigorously in order to build a foundation for the australian beatbox scene and have witnessed great success and growth in doing so. we've inspired many young australians to pursue their passion for music and through our events have allowed them to follow in the footsteps of the artists they look up to!

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