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Whats the go?! 
The Beatbox Royale Series consists of four state beatbox championship events held nation wide! Each event is jam packed full of music, heated battles and a WHOLE LOT OF HYPE! Join us as some of the countries best beatboxers come together and battle it out to be crowned "Royale State Champion"! 
How the championship will run! 
Everyone that signs up before the top 20 cut off (FIRST COME FIRST SERVE) will get the opportunity to throw it down on stage in front of a roaring crowd in a live elimination round performance!

Elimination rules – Each beatboxer gets 2 minutes to show off their best material for the judges to decide who makes the top 8 to battle it out face to face.

Battle Rules – 
After the top 8 has been selected by judges, face to face battles will take place. Each competitor gets two rounds of 1 min and 30 secs. Competitor 1 does their first round, competitor 2 does their first round, competitor 1 does their second round and competitor 2 does their second round. From there the judges will point at the winner of the battle or cross their arms indicating that they want a draw. If 2 judges cross their arms and one judge points at one contestant, then that individual gets the win. If the situation arises that all judges have conflicting decisions, then it will go to extra time of 60 seconds. However, this can only happen twice in the competition therefore judges must use it wisely! 
What do i have to do to compete?!
If you think you've got what it takes to be crowned the best Beatboxer of your state then simply click on the Royale Championship you wish to compete in and fill out the form provided! Only 20 spots available (FIRST COME FIRST SERVE) for each event! All competitors get $10 entry at the door, those who make the top 8 get a full refund!!!




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