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I started beatboxing in late ’99 after hearing Rahzel & Kenny Muhammad for the first time at my cousins house. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How the hell is this guy singing and beatboxing at the same time? I just knew instantly I wanted to beatbox, so I’ve been doing it pretty much every day for 16 years.


My original stage name was curry-t, it’s the name I went by from 1999-2006. I did a bunch of video freestyle sessions on youtube that got heaps of praise and battled online and face to face frequently with my highest achievement being winning WA state championship in 2005. From 2008 onwards I got married and had kids, plus the beatbox scene fizzled out so I really didn’t do much active beatboxing.


Now that the beatbox scene is well and truely back, alive and kicking, I re-emerged as Nomadik! I love both old school and new school styles but predominantly beatbox with an old school flavour. I look up to Rahzel & Kenny Muhammad for what they did for beatboxing in the past and I look up to many, many new beatboxers for evolving the art form to what it is today.


Very humbled to have made top 8 in WA and top 16 in Australia in 2016. Looking forward to the future and getting more involved with Beatbox Australia.

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