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Now this guy has had a short but sweet career as a beatboxer and online personality! Jaydub is his stage name and "JaydubBeats" was the youtube channel. "JaydubBeats" back in the day was the place to go whenever you wanted to gain a little beatbox knowledge with his mass range of youtube video tutorials on different styles and sounds as well as the odd freestyle video here and there! After achieving over 1,000,000 youtube hits and over 11 000 subscribers he decided to retire and serve his local community as a police officer! In 2013 he made a comeback and was ranked 2nd place within the Australian beatbox championship top 8 and absolutely killed it in his video elimination entry! Now he helps the community grow in any way he can by making regular appearances judging at the Australian beatbox championships and also kindly donating his youtube channel to us at Beatbox Australia! Great guy and awesome talent!

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